About Us

The Connecticut Insurance Law Journal is the world’s only academic law review dedicated exclusively to the publication of original research on the law relating to insurance, risk and responsibility. Since its founding in 1994, the Journal has published many articles that are theoretically sophisticated and of practical importance.

Since 2008, the Washington and Lee University’s survey of law journals ranked the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal as its top periodical for insurance law. The Journal continues to publish such recognized insurance law scholars as Kenneth Abraham, Ronen Avraham, Tom Baker, Jay Feinman, Christopher French, Robert Jerry II, Kyle Logue, Jessica Roberts, Daniel Schwarcz, Peter Siegelman, and Jeffrey Stempel—to name only a handful. The Journal has also had a proud tradition of publishing work by practicing lawyers such as William Goddard, Lorelie S. Masters, and  Douglas Richmond.

Authors contemplating submission to the CILJ should know that —unlike at most law reviews—  their work will be reviewed by faculty editors and (as needed), other peer reviewers, as well as by student editors. Acceptance of submitted articles is conditional on a recommendation by the supervising faculty, and any peer-reviewers, that the piece by published. Students will work closely with authors of accepted articles to prepare pieces for publication. Insurance LL.M. students are encouraged to submit their theses for publication and to participate in the editorial and publishing functions of the Journal.