Past Symposia

The Insurance Journal and the Insurance Law Center parter to host a number of symposia at the Law School each year. Each symposium strives to provide a forum for discussion on hot topics in insurance and insurance law, as well as bring distinguished insurance faculty and scholars to campus. View selected past symposia topics below.

Spring 2019
The ALI’s Restatement of Law, Liability Insurance: Was the World Turned Upside Down?

Spring 2018
Evaluating Litigation Risk in the 21st Century

Fall 2017
Fourth Annual China-U.S. Insurance Law Conference, Retirement Security, Pensions and Insurance

Spring 2016
Fifth Annual National Benefits & Social Insurance Conference

Fall 2011
Healthcare Reform in the United States: Legal Implications and Policy Considerations

Spring 2008
Insurance, Intellectual Property & Innovation

Spring 2007
D&O Insurance Shareholders’ Friend or Foe?

Spring 2006
Moral Hazard & Consumer Driven Healthcare

Fall 2005
Asbestos: Anatomy of a Tort

Spring 2005
The Role of Insurance in Preventing Medical Injury: An Antidote to Malpractice

Spring 2004
Corporate Governance at the Crossroads

Spring 2002
Liability and Insurance after September 11th